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MedicalFlight is a rising brand offering 24x7 Air Ambulance service across India and international medical air transportation. 


Established in 2009, we are known for our reliability,  affordable low-cost service and reputation for rapid response to patient and organ transportation. We have our own fleet of aircraft with highly experienced doctors and trained paramedics onboard to provide monitoring and medical assistance, as soon as the patient boards the MedicalFlight Air Ambulance. Our patient transfer management has superior standards in medical and nursing care. Our Air Ambulance fleet is equipped with the best-in-class medical response equipment. 

MedicalFlight flight team consists of two highly experienced crew (pilots), critical care flight doctor and a trained nurse. Only one family member can accompany the patient during the transfer. MedicalFlight provides domestic Air Ambulance service to and from any metro city and town having access to the nearest airport in India. We have our Air Ambulance fleet deployed and stationed at strategic prime locations across India for quick, efficient and effective delivery of service at short notice. This strategic deployment helps us achieve a competitive edge over costs and quick service turnaround time for our patients. 


We specialise in optimising the patient/organ transfer with an aim to enhance the speed of service, by taking special permissions for priority takeoffs and landings. We have a proven track record of rapid organ transport to recipient patients within the golden period, by facilitating a green corridor passage.  


MedicalFlight offers complete Bed-to-Bed transportation service.



Medical flight Png Logo.png


Medical flight Png Logo.png


We transfer patients from one city to any city throughout the country by providing them with best-in-class Air Ambulance service with personal care and attention by a team of expert doctors and ground staff


We work along with hospitals and transplant professionals to transport organs harvested in one city and transport them to the recipient patient in another city to save a life within the golden period (shelf-life of the organ)


We transport deceased cadaver with utmost care and compassion across the country, maintaining the dignity of the deceased and the emotional sensitivity of the family


We have expertise in executing planned “Patient Group” charter service from countries abroad to specific renowned city hospitals within India for critical care and affordable treatment


We provide doctor charter services wherein the patient is unable to travel for treatment or for those who request super speciality doctors to be brought in to hospitals for skilled critical surgeries


Our Presence In India

Please contact our local “Franchisee Partner” in your area for any inquiry and quote for the MedicalFlight Air Ambulance Service. They will assist and fulfill your requirement on priority from booking to executing the air ambulance service.


In case your local area does not have our Franchisee presence, then kindly send in your inquiry directly to us by filling the “Booking Form” on our website or call us on our 24x7 Helpline and we will be there to assist you.


MedicalFlight was just a call away for my family. We were given prompt service from Jabalpur to Mumbai and the staff was very courteous and swift in their actions. The service was affordable for the situation I was in. MedicalFlight was there to help me get timely treatment at the most critical need of the hour.