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Franchise Application Form (Company)

Completing this form does not place any obligation on the applicant to purchase or the franchisor to sell the franchise to the applicant. To expedite processing of your application, please ensure that all the information is provided as requested. Where information is not available or applicable, please indicate accordingly. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Applicant Company Details

Upload Owner's Photo
Upload PAN Card
Upload GST Cert.

Owner Qualifications

Company Owner Details

Provide details of your business that you currently own

Important Information

How did you learn about MAB Aviation’s Air Ambulance franchise proposal?
Have you ever applied before or currently hold any other franchise partnership?
Why are you applying for the Air Ambulance franchise partnership?
Why do you think you will make an ideal Air Ambulance service franchise partner in your region?
Have you ever been associated with any Aviation company before?
Have you ever been involved in any type of Ambulance or Medical services related activities before?
Have you ever suffered any major accident / illnesses in the last 5 years?
Have you ever been involved in any type of civil litigation or criminal offence in the country?

Interest & Commitment

What made you take keen interest in the MAB Aviation (Air Ambulance) franchise proposal?
What are your expectations by owning the Air Ambulance franchise?
How much annual Revenue do you hope to generate from the franchise business in your region? 
How much time you plan to spend on the Air Ambulance franchise business?
Given that the performance of your business is primarily your responsibility, what would you do to promote your franchise business?
How strong is your current network & relationship management with Doctors and Hospitals in your Region of operation?

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